July 18, 2021

listening to water on World Listening Day through George Brecht’s 1959 Fluxus score

Drip Music – an event score for one or multiple players

A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that water falls into the vessel. Second version: Dripping.”

When: in-person July 18, 5 until mosquitos; remote participants make short 1-5m video interpreting the score from their location

Where: Discovery Park, grove between Post Chapel & South parking lot

How:  A large spatially distanced ensemble interprets George Brecht’s “Drip Music” (score above), providing an opportunity to practice Deep Listening.

Why: Through sound and the essential visual elements to enact it, this score facilitates a meditation on water and time. By listening, one may also wonder about the fundamental importance of water to life, our relationship to it, scarcity, rights, ownership…  

Who:  members of Eye Music, Ready Made Players and movement or other artists interested in interpreting the score.  All ages and abilities are welcome to participate remotely.

Rehearsals:  As this will be a Fluxus inspired happening, keep in mind the the essential component of personal responsibility inherent in this art movement.  Individual rehearsals will be done independently.  But everyone is encouraged to consider how to perform the score with as little water waste as possible.  Ice block Dripsicles made from submerged metal coat hangers is one approach to getting a durational experience with limited water waste.  Alternates:  rain water.  Recognize and acknowledge the source of water you are using.

Remote Participation:  Remote participants are encouraged to make a short 1-5m video on July 18 interpreting the score and share via their networks with #Drip2021 #WLD2021 hashtags. 

No need to introduce or speak during the video, just let the sound and image of the drips be the entirety of the content.

Listening is activism, the quietest but most revolutionary of all.

Learn more about World Listening Day 2021: the Unquiet Earth.

Help us spread the word by sharing electronically or by print this flyer describing event for remote participants.