Animist Orchestra

Making audible the inherent sound of nature by intention with materials of one’s environment, Animist Orchestra was started by Jeph Jerman in 1999.  While Jeph had been working on the impetus for the orchestra for a long time, it was Spring and Summer of that year that he began making scores and written and verbal instructions for how to make this practice in larger groups.  As much a meditation as a performance as an act of auditory-kinetic communion with collections of resonant natural materials, this group and this practice has helped to deepen my awareness of qualities of sounds and the intentions behind them.  Read from Jeph’s journal about the early days of this group.

Opportunities to see and hear the Animist Orchestra:

Short improvisation before Animist Orchestra performance at the Good Shephard Center Chapel   January 27, 2007 Click on “16 30 for Doug Haire (16:33)” to listen

Video clip I made while preparing for the same concert.

Guerrilla Animist Orchestra! Homage to Animist Orchestra by Hollow Earth Radio  June 17, 2008  Click on “Full Moon Apple Core” to listen

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Discography available at Disc Ogs

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