w h o

Dave Knott
Composing improvisor, sound explorer, instrument maker, deep listener
father, partner, steward

David Knott, MM, MT-BC
Master of Music, Music Therapist-Board Certified
Fellow in the Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy

Orcid ID

w h a t

a means of communication about my creative efforts, music therapy practice, play and research interests

w h e n

as frequently as possible while still prioritizing a direct and ongoing relationship with non-virtual reality

w h e r e

local to interstellar

w h y

as a way of furthering communication with established family, friends, colleagues and mentors while nurturing future relationships with like-minded’s and facilitating dialogue with unlike-minded’s

h o w

practice, sound gatherings and community soundings, performances, recordings, collaborations, workshops, writing, listening and dreaming

Authorship on sonocern.org by David/Dave Knott unless otherwise noted.

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