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Jeph Jerman & El Grupo Arrastre

Friday, July 12, 8pm
$5 – $15
Good Shepherd Center
Chapel Performance Space

4649 Sunnyside Ave N. Seattle, Washington

For over 25 years, Jeph Jerman has been a seeker of sound — a sono-seer of the highest order.  Tirelessly creative, he has released cassettes, vinyl, cd’s, cdr’s, hand-made sound-oriented objects, and collaborated widely – and sometimes wildly.  During this time, he has developed a global network of enthusiastic listeners who follow his work.  In 1999, Jerman established animist orchestra, a group that uses natural materials and very specific, directed actions to evoke sounds.  In January 2007, animist orchestra was the first performance in the Wayward Music Series at the then recently renovated Good Shepherd Center Chapel Performance Space.  Jerman has continued to assemble groups to play his compositions, with recent invitations from Arizona State University, New Music Co-Op Austin and Oberlin College.

During the summer of 2010, he recorded a series of drone works using found pot lids and metal bowls, played in the manner of Tibetan singing bowls, by dragging a wooden dowel around their rims. Titled “arrastre”, these pieces were released as a three-part work on an LP, CD-R and cassette.   Arrastre is the Spanish word for ‘drag’, and also the name given to a 19th century spindle and arm mining apparatus.  Often using pack animals, boulders or stone wheels were dragged around a pit filled with gold and silver ore, breaking the ore into smaller and smaller bits to reveal the precious minerals.  It seems a fitting name behind Jerman’s current compositional group work, as his musical processes -often appearing rough at a glance – always, eventually, reveal precious sonorities.

In 2012 the live premier of “arrastre” was performed in St. Paul Minnesota by a quartet.  On July 12th, “arrastre” will be performed by a 7-member ensemble comprised of Jeph Jerman, Dave Knott, Doug Theriault, Mike Shannon, Esther Sugai, David Stanford and Carl Lierman.   Jeph’s music is capable of directing players’ and listeners’ attention, re-attenuating to place and space in a way that is rare.  Listeners will be treated to a dense, shimmering wall of singing metal, rich in overtones and marked by gradual harmonic evolution.  Join Jeph Jerman and El Grupo Arrastre on July 12th in the wonderful resonance of the Chapel Performance Space.

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